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The Hindu ePaper, a computerized imitation of the daily paper, is intended to give a recognizable perusing configuration to the advanced 'in a hurry' purchaser. The easy-to-use route will allow you to see the pages of every release as you would with the printed duplicate of the paper. It will enable you to look right away, save stories and offer them, companions, via online media.

The hindu Pdf is Simple to access across various gadgets and a selection of configurations as text, picture, or PDF, it makes a perusing experience that is wonderful and helpful. The paper likewise offers free admittance to 60 days of documented documents from the date of procurement. Accessible regularly at 5 AM (IST) in 11 versions. Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Hyderabad, Vizag, Vijayawada, Kochi, Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram, and Mumbai releases.

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The Benefits Of Reading The Hindu Newspaper Online

The Hindu epaper allows for a digital transformation in logistics by optimizing the assembly process, eliminating the printing and handling material lists in the 'supermarkets' supplying the lines.

Previously, all lists were printed on paper and handled by operators, which resulted in a large consumption of paper and occupation of working time with a process with no added value for the construction of vehicles. The lists were necessary to accompany the production material to the assembly line and ensure the traceability and sequentially of the delivery of the material.

Through The Hindu epaper, the parts are collected, sequenced, and tracked correctly using tablet PCs and wireless finger scanners to ensure that the material is positioned in the same sequence as the cars that arrive on the assembly line.

Miguel Redmont, the Logistics Planning Coordinator at Volkswagen Autoeuropa, states that "in partnership with three suppliers, T-Systems, Secure Retail and Display Data.

The Hindu Pdf developed this solution to transfer the images of the lists in a simple digital device, assembled metallic structures to supply the production line based on e-ink technology. The machines are updated with new plans as new collections of production material are available and have batteries that allow continued use 24/7 between two and a half to three years".

The idea of using e-ink technology was inspired by the electronic tags that you can already see in the retail area. However, its use in an industrial environment and logistical processes brought some challenges, according to Miguel Redmont, such as the circulation of e-papers on mobile media with the material sequenced between the supermarket and the line; resynchronization of e-papers with supermarket radio antennas; remote monitoring of battery levels and creation of alarms for preventive maintenance and anomalies in updating data in e-papers, among others.

Download The Hindu Pdf Now

The Hindu e-paper also keeps a history of editions, so you can always access and search for the cover you need with just a click or touch.

Our viewer has all the tools you need so that you can move through our issues better than your dad when he keeps the newspaper perfectly aligned and straight in the morning while drinking red without a single page bending. The viewer allows you to turn the page by clicking or tapping the left or right indicators, but your finger or mouse pointer also works as a page slider.

If you slide or click sustained from the upper left or right tips, you will see how the page moves with the same physical characteristics of a paper. On the right, you will also find a contextual menu that structures our news and headlines by sections so that you do not have to do so many clicks if you want to reach a specific area of content.

It would be best if you kept in mind that no matter how many times you zoom in on the hindu pdf digital pages, our texts will always be legible because they do not have quality losses.

Among other options, you also find the possibility of downloading the PDF edition of the entire newspaper or a specific page. If you are interested in reading a story in HTML, you have to click or touch any part of the story to display the text on the entire screen. If you want to return to our designed pages, you have to press the button with an "X" in the upper right part, and the display will resume your navigation through The Hindu e-PAPER.

Download The Hindu Pdf Now

What are you waiting to get the most out of The Hindu pdf? Call our facilities or request your password and password if you are already a subscriber to enjoy this new experience that we have for you.

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Advantage of The Hindu Epaper

Even so, there are some benefits, such as the reduction of paper consumption and the time spent by the operator.

The good results obtained with the implementation of this process led the team to identify new opportunities for using this technology, "at the moment, we are already proceeding with the identification of these logistical processes. After the metallic structures, the racks, we are exploring the extension of The Hindu e-paper solution to the processes in which sequencing boxes are used; sequencing checklists and points of material consumption in supermarkets", concludes Miguel Redmont.

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One of the main advantages of The Hindu Pdf is that the user can enjoy the designs that we make every day in the newsroom in a timeless way without being tied to the limitations of a physical format that after 24 hours becomes "yesterday's newspaper." How many times have you not wanted to look for a news item, classified or a Facet with collection designs to realize that that edition ended up protecting the floor from paintings? From today you will be able to find a replica of our daily printed editions on your cell phone, tablet or computer without adding a single cent to your traditional subscription from Monday to Sunday with El Universal.

We are not just talking about a flat the hindu epaper. It is a fully interactive experience to click or touch the headlines to display an HTML visualization with all the multimedia media that a physical edition does not allow you. You can enlarge photos and infographics, communicate more images that may not have been included in the printed format, play a video about the news, listen to our podcasts, interact with the trills we refer to, among many other things.

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