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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Vision IAS Daily Current Affairs In English (13th October 2020)

Vision IAS Daily Current Affairs In English

Date:- (13th October-2020)

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Policy reforms have been a dynamic sector for the past two decades.


According to research by IIT-Madras, over the past two decades, India’s manufacturing sector has achieved 39% energy efficiency due to various policy reforms of the Center.


  • In 1980, for every 100 releases, the manufacturing sector spent 30.56 on energy. In 2018, this cost dropped to * 23.84.

For the main reasons for this:

  • Government measures, including allowing the existing capacity to be fully utilized; Developing additional capacity at the economic level;
  • Removal of barriers to raw material availability and access to better technologies By importing.
  • Policies related to clean development mechanism (Dedication under Kyoto) Protocol for implementation of the emissions-reduction program in developing countries).
  • Technology transfer, innovation, and R&D.


Energy Some energy efficiency-related efforts

  • National Mission for Improved Energy Efficiency to Strengthen the Energy Market Efficiency by creating optimal regulatory and policy governance.
  • Carry out an achievement and business plan that allows you to trade in energy saving certificates.
  • Efforts of the Energy Efficiency Bureau.

Furthermore, under the Paris Climate Agreement, India aims to reduce GDP emissions (GHG emissions per unit GDP) by 33-35% by 2030 over 2005 levels.

Largest Arctic Science Exhibition Mosaic Ends


OS Mosaic (Multidisciplinary Drifting Observatory for Arctic Climate Studies) aims to understand the Arctic climate system and its representation in global climate models.

    • Under the mosaic, the German ship RV Polarstern spent more than a year in the Arctic region.
    • It was organized by Alfred Wegener in Germany with participants from 19 countries. It will include an Indian researcher.


    The research on the Arctic climate system is important


    • Dramatic changes in the Arctic climate system and the rapid retreat of Arctic sea ice are severely affecting global climate and habitat adaptation.
    • New shipping lanes open as ice melts.
    • Raw materials such as natural gas that were previously buried under ice are being exposed and new fishing grounds will become accessible.

    India in the Arctic

    • India is an observer in the Arctic Council, a forum of countries that decides to manage the region's resources and people's livelihoods.
    • In 2015, India set up an underground laboratory called India on the Kongsforden Fjord, halfway between Norway and the North Pole.
    • Himatri is India's first research center located in Alesund, Svalbard, Norway, an international arctic research site.


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