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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Vision IAS Daily Current Affairs In English (20th October 2020)

Vision IAS Daily Current Affairs In English

Date:- (20th October-2020)

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Assam-Mizoram, and other plentiful studies in the North East


Recently, in the past week, residents of Assam and Mizoram have collided twice, drawing attention to border issues between states in the Northeast.

The border conflict in the region mainly consists of four states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh, Kshetra, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Meghalaya - it has been engraved for many years.

Due to border dispute in Northeast

Reason Historical reasons: There are some areas where Assam claims to be part of its territory in terms of constitutional rights, while Nagaland presents its claims on historical grounds.

Ignoring Ethnic Issues in Delimitation: The Northeast is regionally organized in a way that ethnic and cultural peculiarities are ignored during the process of delimitation of state boundaries in the 1950s, dissatisfaction with one's identity and Assertiveness arises.

Insurgent Insurgency: Insurgent activities in the border areas considered to be whereabouts of militant organizations often spread the border issue, especially in Nagaland and Assam.

Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture Welfare (MoAFW) launched Ayushman Sagar Yojana

Co. The project is sponsored by the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCTC) Financial assistance to cooperatives related to overall health infrastructure, education, and services.

  • NCTC Rs. Loans up to Rs 10,000 crore Cooperatives in the coming years.


NCTC is a state-of-the-art legal entity under the MOAFW established in 1963 Developed with the objective of planning and promoting projects for production, processing, marketing, storage, export, and import of agricultural products based on cooperative policies

The main feature of the scheme

  • NCTC Ayushman Sagar Fund for Development of Health Infrastructure by Cooperative Societies.
  • Provide working capital and margin to meet operational requirements.
  • Most women pay 1% interest to cooperatives.
  • Help in getting medical / AYUSH education in cooperative hospitals. Eligibility: Any co-operative society registered under any state / multi-state co-operative society act.
  • Loan Term: The loan period is 1-2 years with a grace period of 8 years.


  • Improvement in health distribution in rural areas. Health integrates itself with the focus of the National Health Policy, 2017.


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